Tips for Buying Your First Wig

Wigs these days can be made using the very fine human hair, and a lot have properties that make them super comfortable for people with delicate scalps because of conditions like alopecia areata or treatments such as chemotherapy. Whatever reasons have led to your hair loss, below are tips for picking your first-ever hair wig:

Be familiar with wig terms and features.

What in particular do wig terms like lace front, synthetic and feather-light mean? Of course, those are just a few examples and there are so many more. Now is a great time to know about the many wig features out there, how they can benefit the different types of hair loss, and the factors behind pricing.

Go natural.

One great tip if you’re buying a wig for the first time is to copy your natural hair back when you liked it best. Any new and different styles can be considered for your succeeding purchases.

Fit some wigs!

You will find a lot of wig shops online today, and once you’ve decided on the look you want, they can provide many worthwhile options. But before you get to that, a wig fitting will show you how different styles will look on you. Those in the wig industry are usually experts in wigs and hair loss, so they can surely help you decide on the best wig to buy.

Get help from a friend.

It can be so helpful to bring along a trusted friend or relative to your wig fitting. It’s always great to have someone you can give you support and honest feedback.

More expensive isn’t always better.

Don’t think that a more expensive wig is automatically right for you. Wig technology and advanced designers have come up with a variety of cheaper options that closely resemble the appearance of natural hair.

You can keep your hairstylist.

A human hair wig is just like natural hair in that it can be cut and styled, you do keep getting seeing your stylist for a new look from time to time. In fact, with some wigs, you may actually have to get a haircut so they fit your facial shape as perfectly as possible.

Know what sets human hair wigs apart from their synthetic counterparts.

You can cut, heat-style and part human hair wigs any way you want, and they usually come with lace fronts, making them look more natural at the hairline. In contrast, synthetic wigs don’t look or behave as naturally, dry faster after you wash them, and need special wig shampoo. They are also less expensive in most cases compared to real hair wigs. If you make the considerations before purchasing your first wig, you should end up with a good choice. Pick one that boosts your confidence, is comfortable on your scalp, and suits your type of hair loss.

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