Reasons Why a Change Is Needed In the American Education System

It is no doubt that in the United States today, there are significant or structural changes that are required in the education system of the country. To begin with, such changes include the expansion of the scope of education to ensure a lot of support for those parents who have newborns. Additionally, there is also a need for a makeover of the set and the content of the education which is offered to the young people today.

There is no doubt that for the current generation of young people that we have, there will be a very different social, economic and cultural landscape in comparison to the ones that the grandparents and the parents faced in the past. Compared to the older generations, there will be a need for them to struggle and find for themselves a place that will sustain their lives in the prevailing economy. However, if you look at the changes that have happened in the education system to make this possible, you will realize that the system has not done enough. For the system to change and the education needs t meet the changing cultural, social and economic changes, it has to start at the state level. Even though it is very difficult to have meaningful change at that level, it is still possible with the use of the appropriate strategies and with enough persistence to accomplish the mission.

The older people are so much surprised at the rate in which the world is and has changed over the years. The globalization and the use of technology have led to the transformation of the economy and a lot of the workplaces. Cultural and social changes have transformed family life also. For the grandparents who lived many years ago, it would never have occurred in their imagination that we would live in such a world. However, these people might be very much okay with spending time in the current American schools and using the same education system. Even though the furniture in the school has been replaced and the internet is currently seen as the major tool of learning as opposed to the encyclopedia, the system and content have remained fairly the same over quite a number of years. This means that the way the workforce has been, the basic mode of delivery of content, among other things, has also been constant.

A majority of the American citizens are not cognizant of the fact that the system of education that is in use today is the same one that has been in use for hundreds of years, or at least it was informed by the past one. We are still using the system that was used when the industrial revolution was just beginning and when agriculture was the place of work for a majority of the American citizens then.

For the education system in America to live up to its standards of helping the families in the development of their children, then it needs radical changes just like it has been happening in other fields such as medicine, manufacturing, and agriculture.

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