Different Types of Lapel Pins Available in the Market

Wearing lapel pins on shirts, suits and other cloths is a culture utilized by many people. Different companies, teams and causes have different types of lapel pins that they identify with. The pins can also be as a gift that you are showcasing due to an achievement made. Keep reading to find out more about different lapel pins in the market.

Custom made cloisonn? lapel pins are one of the highest quality. Cloisonn? lapel pin is of very good quality and it is therefore appealing. A special mixture of powder fills the design on the copper-bronze surface when making this pin. Designing the cloisonn? requires a unique finish that will resemble that of fine jewelry. The colors you choose will be maintained in the cloisonn? lapel pin. Another alternative for you is the soft enamel lapel pin which is cheaper than the cloisonn? lapel pin. Soft enamel lapel pin is cheaper than cloisonn? lapel pin even though the quality is almost the same.

The market offers you a wide range of lapel pins and among them is the photo etched lapel pins. If you are considering to purchase a lapel pin that is light than photo etched lapel pins will suit you just perfectly. The procedure of making these pins involves engraving your design directly on the surface of the metal. Directly engraving the design on the surface of the metal ensures that all the details of your design are correctly seen on the lapel pin. To ensure the durability of the photo etched lapel pins, epoxy clear finish is applied to the finished product.

If you are more of an official person and you want a lapel pin, then die struck lapel pin will suit you. This type of lapel pin will make you very presentable in the society. You can choose to wear your die struck lapel pin with a suit or uniform. The design is usually mounted on metal and this ensures that you have a long lasting lapel pin. Die struck pins do not require a protective cover because they can withstand any kind of weather.

Trading pins are widely used by sport men and women. The culture was first introduced in the early Olympic by athletes. Nowadays almost each and every sport has pins that they trade with other teams as they get to interact. You can purchase a trading lapel pin and use it as an exchange with other sport teams for yourself or your team. It is important that you purchase a trading lapel pin that is good enough to attract other teams for a good trading opportunity. You can decide to include glitters and LED lights to your trading lapel pin to make it more attractive.

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