Safety Tips When Using Metal Cutting Band Saw Blades as Beginner Wood Work Craftsman

There is always a certain degree of risk when operating a mechanical tools that has sharp edges and runs on electricity. Band saw blades require a certain level of expertise for either metal or wood workers.

Accidents are bound to happen in a working station when safety tips are not followed. This can lead to amputations, cuts, bruises among other incidents. In case you are curious on using one, here are some safety tips you should adopt in your operations.

1. Following Basic Safety Standards, Outfit and Tools

When using the basic safety standards, tools and outfit, there is a certain level of safety you place yourself in. The outfit items include long trousers, hand gloves, goggles, leg protector, fitted shirt, helmet and boots.

You must also ensure that guards are placed appropriately. This is followed by enclosing all the band wheels. You should also ensure the band saw blade is tracing properly. When operating the band saw, ensure that you have a push stick for getting rid of cut pieces.

2. Prior to Band Saw Operations

Before using the band saw, here that the following measures are followed to the latter:
? Ensure that the cuts are planned for before making them. This includes making marks in the wood in order to avoid cuts and bruises.
Avoid wearing unfitting clothes that don’t fit your body. Additionally, get rid of any jewelry and other accessories while tying your hair. You should always ensure you always wear your eye protecting goggles throughout. Lastly, avoid getting distracted when working by your fellow members.

3. When Operating the Band Saw

Here are some common rules that dictate how you operate the band saw. Give time for the band saw to reach maximum speed before making cuts. Also, ensure you keep your fingers away from the blade. Place your hands on the side of the table when not in operation with the machine. Ensure you have an environment conducive to keep high concentration. Avoid getting distracted and loosing focus. Do not try to remove any chops of cut pieces when the band saw is operating. Lastly, turn the band saw off before making any adjustments

4. After Operating

After successfully making use of the band saw, it does not just end here. As part of taking care of the band saw and yourself, here are some important steps that you should take. Completely turn the band saw off and ensure that it has stopped rotating. Additionally, do not attempt to use the saw blade once it has been turned off. After completing your task, it is important to clean your working station and the area around the band saw. Ensure you pick up any wood chips and scraps.

With the safety guide and tips, you can feel a bit safe when operating a band saw. It is important to know that these safety tips are a must have and do not require high IQ or expert skills. Anyone can operate a band saw as long as they have the prerequisite knowledge of operating and the safety tips.

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