Numerous Names That You Are Used To Referring To God.

Every single individual on earth has that one thing that they believe and put their trust in even if it does not exist and among this many things, the existence of God is one of the things that they shall be able to say they do. With the many religions that we have in our midst, they all have that name that they use to refer to God to. With all these names that are there and used to refer to God, there are many people that do not know the meanings that are behind such names.

With all these names that God has been given, they all have that significant attribute that has been linked to His character for a long time now. Among the many names that have been used to refer to God, Adonai is one of the names that has been used. The meaning behind the name Adonai is My Lords and is also the plural of the name Adon. As it has been seen from most of the powerful prayer in the bible they have used the name Yahweh to refer to God which is also being used today. When you get to visit the churches that we have today, then you can be able to realize that the name Yahweh is still being used when you want to refer to God and even in prayers.

He is Almighty is one of the attributes that God has been linked to and for such, the name El Shaddai is another Hebrew name that is used to refer to Him. This name is said to reflect on the strength and power that God has been known to have for a long time now since the beginning of time. Another group of people can be heard referring to God as Yahweh Yireh and this is because he is a God that provides for his people.

Human beings are prone to get hurt once in a while during their life and they might want to seek some healing when such times come we turn to Yahweh Ropheka, which is a name given to God because he is a God that heals. With such character, it is able to assure everyone that God will restore us back to our wholeness. The Lord is my Banner is one of the characters that the Israelites realized about God which is why they called him as Yahweh Nissi. You can be able to find peace in God when you are in need of some peace of mind, soul and also the heart and that is why we refer to God as Yahweh Shalom.

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