How Listening Can Transform Sales

Sales is not only focused on finding the right opportunities but ensuring that what is being handled in the right way. It is therefore essential that your sales team is empowered completely to improve on their communication and in turn, impacts their productivity and their moral. Research has shown that people who are supportive of their sales teams in organisations are high performance compared to their competitors.

The where your clients will filter, analyse and interpret information as here, it is important for your sales team, and they can learn through training known as listening intelligence. When yourself team goes through this training you are able to see an improvement in how they communicate the value of your products and services. According too many buyers when the salesperson listens to them then it will translate to a positive sale experience.

There are different ways that listening can help improve sales and these includes the following. To ensure you transform sales it is essential to understand that there are four main listening styles. A connective listener is one who is relationally oriented and one that is always concerned about how others will benefit from a particular product or service. Reflective listeners are usually more concerned about finding information or how a particular product or service is beneficial to them. There are also conceptual listeners who are focused on the bigger idea of a particular product or service. There are analytical listeners who are focused on details and quantifiable data, and they only make decisions based on accurate information.

You will find that listening intelligence will change your sales process in many ways. It is easier to qualify yourself lead when you are using listening intelligence. It is easier to sell to someone who you can identify their listening habits and patterns as you are able to emphasize on their strong points and water focus on. When you are aware of our customers listening habit it becomes easier for you to make more focused presentations that will enable them to make their decisions to buy therefore easier to change them from prospective customers to paying customers.

When your sales team has listening intelligence then it becomes easier for you to convert your customers into long-term clients as you’re able to build a relationship with them. You are able to achieve business continuity as loyal customers tend to recommend your business to others.

The following are some of the ways that you can leverage listening skills for your business. Ensure that your emails are optimised in a way that appeals to all the different types of listeners. As a business it is essential that you provide listening options for you different types of listeners by paying attention to the information that matters most to them. Ensure that you pay attention to the cues that different customers give us different listeners have different questions regarding a product or service.

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