What You Need To Know About Instagram Schedulers

It is difficult to constantly post engaging things on Instagram to keep your followers engaged, more so if you have other things to do during your day. If you have ever worked with a social media scheduling tool before, then you have an idea of what an Instagram scheduler is. Just like other social media scheduling tools, an Instagram scheduler is a third party tool. Most will help you plan your posts on Instagram but there are a couple of them that will help you schedule your posts on other apps.

A few years back, Instagram had made it impossible for third parties such as schedulers to post anything on Instagram and this was a real challenge for marketing platforms. Things have changed over the years with the release of an API update that gives third parties access thereby making things easier for those who wish to market their products on Instagram. To achieve your Instagram goals, you have to be consistent and Instagram schedulers help you with this.

You can now use your time wisely because of Instagram schedulers. At times, the optimal time to post on Instagram is not the ideal tie for you which is why you need an Instagram scheduler to help you plan beforehand. This is extremely vital for marketers seeing as they have a specific audience they are after.

You also get to cultivate a consistent look which is important, especially if you are a marketer. Learn about the colors, filters and captions that have your audience most engaged and consistently use them in your posts.

Another benefit of using an Instagram scheduler is that you get to have more time to interact with your followers. Ensure that you interact with your audience regularly if you want to keep them interested. Interacting with your audience while coming up with good content to post can be an impossible feat. This is why you find a lot of Instagram marketers with their posts on autopilot.

An Instagram scheduler will make your life easier in entirety because you no longer have to be glued to your phone or laptop. This is because you will have all your posts scheduled beforehand.

When choosing an Instagram scheduler, ensure that you make a number of considerations. It is important to note that Instagram schedulers cannot post videos or many images at once directly which is why a good scheduler will have a reminder feature for when you need to post them. Instagram schedulers basically help in scheduling posts but a good one should also help you do other things such as run reports, keep tabs on your competitors’ posts, manage comments and monitor trending hashtags.

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