Buying a Vaping Starter Kit – What Are My Choices?

When you’re ready to shift from smoking to vaping, an e-cigarette starter kit is the first purchase you should make. But since there are a number of options out there, you should explore them first before actually shopping.

Disposable Cigalikes

Vapers use the term, “cigalike,” to refer to any e-cigarette that has the same general size and shape as your usual tobacco cigarette, and a disposable cigalike is the most basic type of e-cigarette you will find. It’s affordable and may be packaged individually or as a set. Cigalikes normally last for around 100-200 puffs, and then you will have to buy another one. This disposable e-cigarette is undoubtedly the easiest and most cost-effective choice for vaping newbies.

Rechargeable Cigalikes

Rechargeable cigalikes come with pre-filled single-use cartridges which are the only things that must be replaced, considering the batteries are, well, rechargeable. Therefore, you can easily conclude that this kind of e-cigarette is less expensive over the long term as opposed to the disposable equivalent. In addition, a rechargeable cigalike is a perfect substitute for the hand-to-mouth drill of conventional.

Pod Vaping Systems

A little bigger than a cigalike is a pod system, which depends on a plastic pod for holding about 1-2 ml of e-juice and produces more vapor than either type of cigalike. More vapers also find pod systems more satisfying because of a new type of e-liquid called nicotine salt e-liquid, which gives an experience that is highly similar to what tobacco nicotine provides.

Vape Pens

If you’re a smoker who wants to switch to vaping without spending too much or sacrificing flavor, a vape pen is probably your best bet. Vape pens make the best vapor and have very efficient batteries, aside from being refillable and compatible with nicotine salt and all kinds of e-juices. And the owning a vape pen even costs low – just get a new tank atomizer coil every several days and you’re done.

Advanced Mod

Also referred to as box mods because of their shape, advanced mods are true to their name – they have the most and the most advanced features among all vaping devices today. An advanced mod usually runs on two batteries for a day of use and can be adjusted according to power level (up to 200 watts or even more) and temperature. It is compatible with almost any tank or atomizer as well. However, while box mods are the best vaping devices nowadays, it may not be the best for you if you’re a newbie.

In the end, you’ll want an e-cigarette starter kit that is just perfect for your current vaping experience, if any, and of course, for your budget.

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