Applications of Neoprene Rubber by Manufacturers

Neoprene rubber has excellent resistance to oils and chemicals among many other beneficial properties, and that is why it has been put to a variety of applications. Here are some of the products that are made of neoprene rubber.

The clothing for water sports such as wetsuits, dry suits, and waders are made from neoprene rubber. The temperature of the water at sea may have dropped in morning but because you are on a vacation of a lifetime, put on the suitable neoprene made gear for your sea sport because you will be kept warm under the waters. There is a comfort when moving as you shake, turn and twist your body in the water because neoprene rubber is very elastic.

You will find the majority of safety gloves are made of neoprene rubber. Liquids cannot get past the neoprene rubber gloves; hence, you can use them to handle dangerous chemicals. The neoprene gloves will keep you warm when you’re working in very cold work environments.

It is used by the majority of manufacturers who make sports and medical equipment. The majority of protective gear for the different body parts of athletes and gym lovers such as the wrists, knees, back are made from neoprene. They are also used in making the quality belts you put on to prevent intra-abdominal pressure when doing squats and lifting heavy equipment in the gym. There are many medical braces and support assistants whose material is neoprene rubber. Patients who have experienced bone fractures mostly wear the support equipment, sprains, and dislocations. You will not need to replace the neoprene rubber support equipment and braces because they do not lose shape; hence, they will fit you until you are healed.

The sealing of electrical materials like lighting fixtures are made of neoprene rubber. The electronic light bulbs have to be sealed so that water and other liquids that may damage them do not get inside. The neoprene seals are used Because they are resistant to harsh weather conditions, ozone and UV rays thus making the bulbs to last longer for use even when you have to put them on your fence to light up the compound of your home in the night.

Communication gadgets especially laptops and mobile phones have sleeves and casings that are made of neoprene rubber. Several electrical parts in the processors need to be protected because they use electricity. Static energy is released when the electrical parts in the processor start operating; therefore, engineers pad electrical components with equipment neoprene rubber-made materials for insulation. when the level of static energy is not controlled the electrical components of the laptop overheat and get destroyed. Manufacturers of other communication devices like iPhones and iPads use this technique to secure their products so that they are long lasting.

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