Some Differences Between Optometrist and Ophthalmologist

Sometimes it is always hard for individuals who have eyesight problems to choose on which specialist to go to. Knowing the difference between the optometrist and ophthalmologist can help you to understand which specialist to see. There are some of the things to know about both of the specialists, that is optometrist and ophthalmologist.

Optometry is an origin of Greek stem “op” that is the measure of vision. Ophthalmology is a word that originated from the Greek stem that means the studying of eyes. An optometrist is a health specialist that has received high-quality training to treat vision diseases. You will find that when a patient visits the optometrists, they refer them to the ophthalmologist. On the other hand the ophthalmologist is a specialist that has undergone intensive training and has the knowledge to perform surgery. An ophthalmologist can perform a broader range of eye problems since they have the knowledge and education. Also they have the options of either generalizing or specializing. Optometrist Doctors have the initial of their name O.D according to the name and practice while the Doctors of Ophthalmologist have an initial of D.O.

You will find that they also have the areas that have specialized in and we will discuss every one of them. An optometrist is a specialist that takes care of the eyes, they studied for four years and an added of another four years of optometry school. You will find that when the optometrist decides to do the sub-specialty, they can decide to specialize in low vision, dry eyes, contact lens fitting and many others. An optometrist has no knowledge of what really affects the eyes and how they can affect the whole body. You will find that the specialists cannot be allowed to perform other surgeries like the minor eye diseases.

An ophthalmologist is an individual who has specialized and can be doctors of medicine or the doctors of osteopathy. You will find that just like the optometrists the ophthalmologist also undergo a two terms education where they study for four years of undergraduate school and the last term for the medical school. There are some programs that the ophthalmologist can undergo like pathology, retina, cornea and other types of programs and also they can undergo training in surgery for the eyes. After they have finished their programs they acquire the license so as to work freely. You will find that the ophthalmologist can quickly know the illness and examine some other problems in other body parts. The ophthalmologist specialist has the ability to detect the other effects that can be caused by other medicine.

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