Factors to Consider when Hiring a Professional Pianist

Pianists are professionally trained individuals who work full-time as pianists, and can be hired for a variety of events. If you have an upcoming event and you are considering entertainment options, hiring a pianist should be in your list. Should you decide to hire a pianist for your event, you are sure to encounter some challenges especially if it will be your first time hiring one. It is because of these complications and challenges that you should consider some factors to ensure you hire the right pianist for your event. The following are some things you should know before hiring a pianist.

When hiring a pianist, it is important you consider their location from the event venue; how far the pianist has to travel to the event might impact the cost of his or her services. To be on the safe side of your budget, it is advisable you choose a local pianist who will reach your event’s venue within the shortest time possible. Consider if the venue your event has a house piano or if the pianist will have to bring his or hers. Although many pianists like to bring their own electrical pianos, if your venue has one then you can save them the trouble of bringing their own.

Before you choose a pianist, it is important to consider their reliability; it will be frustrating hiring a pianist who show up to your event late or might not show up at all. Study their history with the people they have worked with before, to determine how reliable a pianist is. You should consider the type of music they will play at your event; although most pianists are versatile in the type of music they play, you can choose the type you want. The good thing about pianists is they can play your requests if you give them enough time to practice.

Any professional pianist should have a well-designed website for booking and other services. You should check out the website before hiring a pianist to see the services they offer, although even an amateur pianist is likely to have a good website. Consider how professional the website looks in addition to other factors. If you have a close circle, the best way to finding a good pianist can be asking for referrals from them. There is always a good reason why someone you trust would recommend a certain pianist for you; however, you should not take their word for it, instead do further research before hiring that particular pianist.

Before entering into negotiations, it is important you read reviews from previous clients who have used the pianist’s services. A good pianist should have a lot of positive reviews from his or her previous clients. Before hiring a pianist, you should consider your budget; you must understand that hiring a professional pianist can be quite expensive. If you are operating on a low budget, you should choose a local pianist to lower the transportation cost. Ensure you are flexible with your set times and length of performance to fit your budget. Consider the experience of the pianist; it is always important to hire a pianist who has been in the industry for long. When you are looking to hire a pianist, you should consider the above discussed factors.

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