The Benefits of Using Pomade

The hair of man is one important aspect of his good looks. However, now that men are having interest in styling their hairs, many products are now being sold in the market to address this need. There are gels, waxes, pomades and other products that can leave you confused as to which one is the best for your hair. If hair styling is important to you, then you should choose the best products for your hair.

During the ’50s, pomade was hair grease. The man gets a slick combed back look when he used pomade. The pomade weighs his hair down. Before, pomade was not actually good for the hair. The reason for this is that the main ingredient for pomade before was petroleum jelly. Moisture is blocked from reaching the hair by the jelly. Because of this your hair shaft will get damaged. It also made it difficult to wash out with shampoo because it was very thick and heavy. But despite this, pomade was still continuously being used by men since it helped them fix their hair and gave them the wet look.

Pomades today are no longer made of petroleum jelly. Washing you hair after putting pomade is no longer difficult. Natural oils and lighter ingredients are now being used to make pomades. Pomades of today are still like the pomades before in that It lasts long and the hold is strong. Pomades today are more gentle to your hair such that it does not cause damage. Different kinds of pomades are found in the market. You can purchase vegan and organic pomades in the market.

Pomades have superior strength that can hold your hair in place. Pomade is ideal for hair that is curly or for hair that is out of control. Pomade gives you hair a wet look and a stunning shine. The reason for this is that pomade contains castor, coconut and olive oils which are al natural ingredients.

While pomade is not a moisturizer, it can lock moisture in your hair. Applying pomade on your wet hair or over a water-based moisturizer will help keep the moisture in your hair for a long period of time. Some pomades claim to promote hair growth. Sulfur is an ingredient in pomade which makes your hair grow healthy and strong. Hairsprays are no longer needed with pomade.

Hair gel and pomade cannot be compared. Both are good for the hair but are used in different hairstyles. The characteristics of both are different.

It is only on curly or out of control hair that pomade is used. The hold of pomade is strong but it allows you to move your hair freely. With pomade your hair will make your hair look shiny.

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