Tips for Selecting a Land Surveyor

Choosing a land surveyor is not something we do now and then, so it makes it tough to know which surveyor to hire. Hiring a land surveyor is more like choosing any other expert. You ought to meet with a variety of them to discuss your needs and settle for the one that appears knowledgeable and reliable. You should choose a land surveyor you feel easy to communicate with and the one who is ready to make you aware of how your survey will be done. Here is a list of factors you should consider when selecting a land surveyor.

Ensure a land surveyor is licensed. You should ascertain that the land surveyor you are about to select is licensed to work in your state. Apart from ensuring the surveyor is qualified for the work, you will also tell whether there are complaints against them. Moreover, there are legal requirements as far as land surveying is concerned and if you choose an unlicensed surveyor, your survey may end up being legally unacceptable. Besides, it ascertains the surveyor knows how to deal with any problems that are particular to your area or land.

Look for the liability insurance. There are chances of a land surveyor committing an error in the survey, for example, reading the instrument wrongly, measuring to the wrong mark, writing down the incorrect value, measuring distances without considering the slope of the tape, and more. If this happens, the figure reflected will be wrong and using it can lead to a loss. To ensure you are covered against such, ask your land surveyor for the liability insurance to make sure it is current.

Make sure you check the years of experience. The number of years a land surveyor has been around matters a lot. A land surveyor with many years in the practice has been exposed to many land surveying challenges and knows how to avoid them in order to arrive at the most correct value. In addition, having worked with the surveying tools many years ensures they are abreast with them, a guarantee they will do a thorough work.

Put into account a land surveyor’s specialty. Even though there are not specific specialties as far as land surveyors are concerned, most specialize in particular types of surveys. It is important that you choose a surveyor who practices in the type of survey you are considering. This guarantees the surveyor has accumulated a wider knowledge in this kind of survey hence guaranteeing much accuracy with your results.

Ensure you get a written contract. Before your survey work starts, ask for a written contract. This is a great practice in land surveys and should contain all the costs. Some surveyors charge on an hourly basis while others charge on a per-project basis; compare the rates with other competent surveyors to avoid being overcharged. Ensure the contract mentions when the money is to be paid, the scope of work to be done and how to make payments. A written contract avoids misunderstandings between you and your surveyor, a thing that ensures quality work.

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