The Reasons For Google Ranking Drops For your Website

All brands want their search ranking to be on the first page. It betters the position of the brand online. It is hard for brands to hold their place on the first page of the search engine. This is because search ranking changes every so often. The utilization of good Search engine optimization skills will assist your site to get more views. Being aware of the cause of the decline in your search ranking is vital. It will assist you in preventing it from happening. The following are the causes for your website’s drop in search ranking.

Your server being overloaded can be the cause for your website’s search ranking drop. The reason for this is the traffic coming from your website is a lot for the server to handle. This, therefore, leads to your server crashing. Using a shared server can lead to this even more. Ensure you get a server that can manage the traffic you usually generate.

Launching or terminating ads that are meant to change your website’s search ranking. You expect traffic to be generated for your website by the ads you post. If this doesn’t happen, your website’s ranking will drop. Ensure the ads you post are quality so that they can boost your website’s traffic.

Normal search engine fluctuations also happen. This is because of the nature of SEO tactics. It is usually a competitive field to be able to get good ranking. Your position in the search engine therefore naturally changes. You can change your SEO tactics to have favourable ranking.

Getting your website updated or redesigned may also play a role in your ranking. It is perfectly okay to want to improve how your website looks. You should however know that it will affect your search engine negatively. Make sure you plan how you can handle before you update the site. This will help in retaining your search ranking.

Where your website gets its traffic from is crucial as well. It assists in the betterment of your search engine ranking Always make sure you have quality traffic always for your site. Releasing content regularly for your consumers is one way to do this. The quality of the content must be high as well as the usefulness of it. This will ensure the website has a good source of traffic.

Changing the URL of your website also plays a role in bringing down your ranking. The search ranking for your website will go very low. It is vital to think of the consequences of updating your URL.

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