The Importance of a Certified Seed Producer

The production of certified and quality seed will provide an assurance that commercial grain and forage crop producers will get a sufficient supply of a tremendous quality of clean seed reserve. Aside from a meticulous study and planning, it requires extra time and management to produce high value seed of good quality. Everybody who wishes to become a seed producer will be warranted as long as he can produce a certified seed that is passable to the quality requirement of the Seed Ministry Department.

Generating quality and certified seed is an exceptional approach to add value and gain more income to the farmer. However, producing good quality and certified seeds requires a lot of planning, labor, care and equipment. It requires a specific location and is produced under a strict compliance of certification standards to maintain its purity. In addition, all certified seeds must pass all field inspections to be done by the Seed Producer Confederation under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection.

Generally, certified seed of a well-known variety will be cultivated under the absolute conformity of the seed certification standards to preserve its immaculacy. They should be free from harmful weed seed that might be the source of a weed germination instead of quality crops. Here’s a lot of reasons why it is important to use a certified seed produced from a certified seed producer company.

Pure Clean Seed

Certified seed that is bought from a certified seed producer is processed and produced under an arduous production and control with full limitations from weed invasion. Its development is rigorously monitored for its varietal pureness to ensure a specific brand that you want. So in short, a pure breed of descriptive type of seed will be absolutely delivered.

Pathway to Admission

Food safety and security are very important in choosing a certified seed from its producers. Quality seeds that are bought from a certified seed producing company will ensure and provide an assurance of its origins. This is the reason why most of the farmers will trust only the certified seed producers because they only hand over the specific varieties for their products. Certified seed is the pathway to open up a new door of opportunities for every farmer to gain more sales. Through this certified seed producer, the admission of a quality seed will be detectable or identifiable on any measures.

Assurance to Maximise Inputs

New genetics of hybrid seeds provides better yields, drought tolerance and pest resistance. And in this case, the seed producing company will ensure their customers that their seeds will bear all these characteristic qualities to ensure the maximization of harvests. Research and development are cautiously implemented to obtain high quality seeds for a main purpose. Having these certified planting materials to be sown in your planting field will provide a tremendous increase in harvest and input a large amount of dollars to your coffers. Furthermore, in most instances, insurance companies will openly accept insurance premium on crops because they know that a certified seed will produce a good harvest and has a minimum risk of failures.

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