The KB Goblet Squat: How to Do and Its Benefits

With dozens forms of physical exercise available and being employed to gain physical fitness and enjoy health benefits for decades, choosing the right one can be a bit intimidating, especially if there are some you haven’t heard of. Apart from sticking to the daily routine whenever you are working out or in the gym, you should consider trying a new form of exercise like the KB Goblet Squat. This is a form of exercise that involves gripping of a dumbbell or kettlebell close to the chest and squatting up and down. It may sound difficult and intimidating but it is not as you will find out in the following article.

The first things you should know about this form of physical exercise are its amazing benefits. The KB goblet squat is attractive to most potential learners because of its easy-to-understand coaching cues. The instructions are straightforward and easy to follow, making it a perfect form of exercise for amateurs too. Compared to the heavy barbell back squats or barbell front squat, this is less intimidating. Since it involves only a dumbbell or kettlebell which is relatively lighter and easy to use and understand, it is easy from a from a student’s point of view.

Another benefit of the KB Goblet Squat is that it is simple and easy to learn proper foot placement and patterning from. This is one form of physical exercise that can be learnt by watching an expert. Provided you know how the kettlebell is held, the position of the elbows, and the depth of the movements, you will be good to go. If you want to learn and apply squat mechanics, this is the safest way to do it. Since the kettlebell is lighter and easy to use, it is a safer option compared to the barbell front squat or the barbell back squats.

The KB Goblin squat is preferred by coaches too because of some of its unique advantages like the lack of heavy equipment; no heavy equipment is necessary in this form of physical exercise. A kettlebell or dumbbell is not as heavy as other equipment in the gym, making it a perfect option for both coaches and students. It is a simple and easy exercise to administer coaching cues for; coaches have an easy time training and guiding students on this form of exercise because almost everything is straightforward. Gripping the kettlebell or dumbbell and teaching proper foot placement and patterning is not as complex as it seems at first.

Apart from the amazing advantages of this form of exercise, one should also strive to understand how to do it properly. It is not all about gripping the dumbbell or kettlebell and squatting; it is imperative that the right setup is followed. Proper setup and foot placement is the first step, followed by grabbing and firmly holding the kettlebell by each of its horns in the right position before moving it close to the chest. Once it is properly in place, you can begin the movements ensuring the chest is up and the shoulder is flat. The KB Goblet Squat is a beneficial form of physical exercise and can have amazing health benefits.

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