How to Choose a Barber

A good barber isn’t always that easy to come across. This person will have extensive hair knowledge and works with his hair clippers as precisely as a surgeon with his scalpel. And they’re probably fun to be with as well.

So what are the things to consider before choosing a barber?

Client Interest

First off, a good barber will want to know how exactly you want your hair to look, what you like about it, and what changes you want, if any, in your current style. This allows them to work around your haircut in the most appropriate way and to give good advice regarding the best styling product to use.

Seeking Feedback

A visit to the barbershop should not be an in-and-out experience. A good barber will never rush through a haircut or a shave and will ask you what you think of the job he’s doing. You may need the sides a lot shorter or the cowlick at the back removed. A good barber will make the necessary adjustments so that you leave the shop happy and looking forward to your next visit.

Test Run

The great thing about finding a good barber is that you can always give him a test run with a small job. Rather than going for the kill with a new hairstyle, spend your first visit getting your beard trimmed or maybe your hairline straightened. A good barber knows haircuts like the back of his hand, so if he’s not so impressive with a small job, you should take the cue.

Social Media Research

Most businesses can be found in social media today. Visit some local barbershops on their Facebook and Instagram accounts and try to get a vibe of their abilities. Explore as many before-and-after pictures as you can. And of course, pay attention to the comments too. It would be good to know the quality of their customers’ overall experience – after all, there’s so much more to a good barbershop than good haircuts.

Assessing Expertise

Try talking to the barber about hair. Try asking what hair care practices are best for your type of hair, or what types of products will work best without causing damage. Just listen to a barber talk about hair and you can tell in a way how much knowledge and experience he really has with it.

Establishing Rapport

Lastly, a good barber isn’t only whiz at cutting hair but will also feel like a friend. Having a barber you actually like makes it for you to see eye to eye. Which also increases your odds of walking out of that barbershop happy every single time.

The Best Advice About Services I’ve Ever Written

The Best Advice About Services I’ve Ever Written