Denture Adhesives: Getting the Best Ones for Your Teeth

Dentures, otherwise known as false teeth are a type of prosthetics that are made to replace a person’s missing teeth. Dentures’ main customers are composed of old people, and people who have problems in relation to their teeth. Dentures have actually been around since the 7th century, and have since seen a widespread use among the general populace. Today’s dentures are pretty high quality, offering maximum durability and comfort through the use of high quality materials. Along with this constant innovation towards the denture composition are the adhesives which are used to stick the dentures in one’s teeth.

In simpler terms, denture adhesives are glues or pastes that are used to keep dentures stuck to your mouth, improving comfort with their usage. Probably the most common use for denture adhesives would be for people who have newly gotten dentures to test them on their mouth, and let it remain there for a few weeks or months until they get comfortable without the adhesives. However, in the case of older people, they need denture adhesives so that their dentures will stay in place for a long time as most of the time their dentures will keep falling.

There are a lot of denture adhesive types out there, and knowing the different types are fundamental to knowing what type is best for you.

Denture adhesive powders are a popular alternative to the more common denture adhesives such as paste that are in use today. Denture adhesives that come in the form of creams can be generally very sticky, and using denture powders can help you avoid that. The powder attains it’s stickiness by fusing the powder with moisture from the inside of your mouth, thereby creating an effective adhesive.

Denture wafers or otherwise known as denture strips are also another form of denture adhesive that most people use. They are relatively new and work the same as double adhesive tapes do by sticking your mouth to your dentures. Denture wafers and strips are pretty easy to use and take off, and this makes them advantageous for some people.

Probably the most common form of denture adhesives are denture creams or pastes. They are perhaps the denture adhesives that will offer you the best grip. The cons they offer however, is that they are a bit more difficult to clean and remove from your mouth once applied. In removing them, most people try to remove them slowly, or either use a type of clothe that is abrasive, yet soft.