Importance of Asphalt Sealcoating

Some people believe that an asphalt surface needs to remain exposed so it can take in air. That popular belief is wrong and leads to so many wonderful asphalt surfaces getting damaged in a little while.

The belief can be said to stem from the fact that when asphalt has been laid, it needs to remain exposed for a period of three to six months. That exposure is meant to allow the asphalt to cure and release chemicals in the process. Sealcoating it then would interfere with that process. A sign that the asphalt is still undergoing the curative stage is when it rains and a rainbowish shade to the rainwater forms. It is an indication that the released chemicals are mixing with the water.

Once the curing stage is complete, you need to proceed with the seal coating. An asphalt surface that remains exposed at that stage only ends up oxidizing and weakening. It will turn from black to brown to gray and finally white. That transformation is brought about by the effects of water, the sun, and other external environmental factors.

You need to protect the asphalt surface through a seal coating. A sealed surface is much harder for the elements to reach and affect. Once corrosion is allowed to set it, the black surface begins to lose some of its flexibility. It then starts to crack. Sealcoating also prevents oil and fuel spills from affecting the surface. The sealant used in coating the black surface is petroleum-based. One may argue that any oil or fuel spills should, therefore, not be a problem. They would be wrong. The binder specially manufactured for the sealant is normally affected by those spilled substances. Once the binder weakens, it begins to let more than the oil and fuel spills through. You thus end up with a damaged black surface over time.

It is, therefore, important for you to schedule a sealing exercise for any section of your residence or business premises where you have laid down an asphalt surface. Once it cures, the right contractor should be on site. Which begs the question, who is the right sealcoating contractor?

When selecting the right sealcoating contractor, you need to compare the warranties they offer for their services. Many of them will advertise themselves as the most experienced, with the widest range of expertise. You cannot know for sure how accurate those claims are, but their warranties speak volumes. How long they guarantee you their work will stand the test of time, and the harsh elements let you know how good their services are. They need to put their warranties down in writing, with a clear explanation of what is to happen in case something goes wrong with the surfaces. In most instances, they promise to repair any damage and seal the surfaces afresh.

You need to also go for one who has the right equipment and materials for performing the sealing operations. They cannot proceed to do a good job if they lack the right tools. They also need to have the right service crew to handle said work in the most efficient and effective manner.

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