Re-Introducing the Gray Wolf

The domesticated dogs happen to be a love for many who keep them in their homes but this is not the case for their colleagues in the wild. Indeed it is a fact that for countless years on end, wolves and the entire canine family in the wild have really suffered enormous persecutions in the hands of man. Below is a look at some of the facts that you should know of on the American Gray Wolf, particularly talking of the threats that they live facing which when well understood can help with the efforts towards reestablishing them into the ecosystem and saving them from the risk of extinction.

And by the way there are benefits to the efforts towards the reintroduction of wolves into the ecosystem. One classical example that tells of the benefits of reintroducing wolves into the ecosystem is such as when this was done back in the years, 1995, when they were reintroduced in the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem. By then, there was only a single colony of the beaver in the whole park but following the reintroduction of the wolves, there has been seen an increase in the beaver colonies in the park, tenfold. By far and large, these are ideally the very noble missions and ideologies, the push factor and the drive behind the Rocky Mountain Wolf Project, Colorado that is basically a mission to help with the reestablishing of the wolf population there was in the Colorado rocky mountains. Check out the following now for an idea on some of the threats that happen to be facing the wolf population there may be left as of the day amidst us.

Talking of the threats to wolves in their population as of the present day and from days of old, the one of these has been the threat posed these friends from the wild by humans. Did you know that there was some point in time when there was an active effort by humans to eliminate these animals from the face of the earth, man actively eliminating wolves that they were nearly annihilated except that there was taken some unprecedented breeding program that saved the gray wolf from the extinction that faced it literally. What’s sad is the fact that even to the present day, the efforts to restore them back to their natural habitats are still being met with a lot of challenges and hurdles.

The other fact of a hurdle faced when it comes to the restoration and reestablishment of the gray wolf has been in terms of the lack of political will to back the concerted efforts made by some of the other groups towards the reintroduction of the gray wolf into the ecosystem.

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