Pokemon Go and Your Health

A lot of people took Pokemon Go seriously a few years ago. Today, Pokemon Go is still popular and is known to give its players many potential health benefits. Below are some of the health benefits of playing Pokemon Go.

You can get a lot of sunshine playing Pokemon Go because it brings your outdoors While all smartphone games can be played anywhere, POkemon Go must be played somewhere. Using your phone, you need to catch Pokemon monsters. You need to visit poke stops in order to get poke balls which you will need to capture the creatures. You get a lot of sunlight exposure which gives your body the vitamin D that it needs. If you are deficient in vitamin D, then you can develop cardiovascular disease, cancer, and the conditions. Your body can have an abundance of vitamin D if you play pokemon go outdoors.

It can be challenging to motivate you to exercise if you don’t want to do it. If you turn exercising into a game, then it can be a lot of fun. Exercise is encouraged by the numerous incentives offered by Pokemon Go. For instance, eggs are put into incubators so that they hatch after traveling a certain distance. Physical activity is increased if you play Pokemon Go. If you play Pokemon Go then you reduce your sedentary behavior by a few minutes a day.

Visiting countryside or local parks is possible with Pokemon Go. You can explore green spaces trying to catch all the Pokemon creatures. When you are exposed to nature, then you get a good amount of fresh air the plants release. With this exposure, you will have fewer respiratory conditions.

Socializing is something that people with a certain personality trait find hard to do. Pokemon Go can actually help people with severe social withdrawal. Challenges are added to the game of Pokemon Go where a boss temporarily takes over a gym. It takes half a dozen players to be able to beat the powerful raid boss so it is necessary to have cooperation and coordination. Social ties are strengthened by creating a sense of belonging to a place so POkemon Go improves social connectedness. The interest the players share in the game gives them an ice breaker to share a common interest.

Playing video games can improve cognitive performance. When teenagers played Pokemon Go for two months it was discovered that their social intelligence and cognitive performance became greater.

Pokemon Go is first entertainment before an exercise game. Before assessing its effectiveness as a health intervention , consider that it is entertainment first. It is the perfect game for many people. Pokemon Go can change your life if you need extra incentives to get fitter and healthier.

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