Things to know about the Weimaraner

Instantly recognisable by its distinct silvery grey coat, male Weimaraners often grow to 25-27 inches at the shoulder while females grow to about 23-25 inches. When properly bred, this dog breed will be solid coloured, perhaps with a tiny white spot on the chest. They have amiable, intelligent faces with their amber or blue- grey eyes, and their long velvety ears. Generally, this dog breed creates a sense of streamlined balance and grace. When well-conditioned, they are usually a sight to behold.

Weimaraners desire to be full-fledged members of most families and are particularly great with kids. What makes them stand out as excellent pets is that they are generally easy to groom, train, have a can-do attitude and love nature so much. All this however is achieved if the owners fully commit themselves to engage them both mentally and physically. With regard to nutrition, these dogs are generally good eaters. As a matter of fact, some may even finish eating their dinner then go on to try and eat the bowl. It is therefore advisable to feed them highly rated, quality food with a significantly higher protein content. If you opt to feed them kibble, you may consider adding some water to moisten the dry food. If you choose to enhance the dry food with table scraps or canned food, take caution and avoid adding too much. Food that is “too rich” is capable of upsetting their digestion.

With regard to grooming, the biggest task in keeping Weimaraners well kempt is ensuring their nails stay short. This is necessary for optimal comfort and health of the dog and is something that cannot be overemphasised. If your dog’s nail length gets out of hand, returning it to a proper length can be very difficult. As a rule of thumb, if you happen to hear the sounds of their feet tapping the floor as they walk, their nails are perhaps too long. While the dog’s shedding patterns are very seasonal, its short coat should be regularly brushed to get rid of dead hair. Also, it is very important to clean the dog’s ears, since they have an ear structure that prevents proper airflow, which increases the risk of getting an ear infection. On that note, it is advisable to groom the dog on a weekly basis.

These dogs have very high exercise requirements. For purposes of the mental and physical well-being, they require to be exercised consistently. They generally tend to love good runs. Even though walking occasionally is okay, letting them stretch their legs by running is far better for them. With regard to exercise, and occasionally tired Weimaraner is good. This dog is therefore quite suitable for people that lead an active, outdoor lifestyle. An outdoor lifestyle creates a good avenue for them to make proper use of their abundant energy.

With regard to training, should not have much of a worry. In the words of a long-time breeder, the fact that Weimaraners are smart is both good and bad news. They tend to pick up both good and bad behaviour rather quickly. Therefore, it is very important to get them to a good training class and be very consistent to achieve good results. They generally follow the principle of “what’s in it for me?” Therefore, creativity during training is necessary to ensure you make what you desire be what they want.

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