What To Consider When Choosing A Solar Blanket

Getting into a pool that has cold water is one of the fears most people have. One can get a solar blanket at the bottom of the pool to help deal with this issue. Despite there being many solar blankets in the market, the issue most people have is knowing how to install it. One will know how to install the blanket well and successfully by following these steps.

How the blanket works is the first thing one needs to know. Solar blankets not only keep the dirt out of the water, they also heat the pool up. How the blanket warms the water is by taking the sun’s heat and transferring it to the water. Although the blanket will not heat the water up to a temperature like other forms of heat, it will ensure your pool has warm enough water for you. You get an idea of how the solar blanket works when you know all this information.
The size of your pool is the next thing you need to consider. Your pool shape may not be rectangular or in square shape like the solar blanket. If you have a pol that is not square or rectangular, it is important to note that what is key is getting a blankets that will completely cover your pool. To ensure the blanket covers the entire pol, get the measurements of the longest ad widest sides of the pool.

How thick the blanket is is another factor you need to keep in mind. You will get more time out of a thicker blanket as it is more durable. You still need to take care of the blanket either way as it will not last of you are careless the blanket will not last you longer.

The bubbles in between the blanket are the ones that work as insulators in the solar blanket. After taking in hot air, they will be either domes shaped or circles. The domes shaped bubbles are stronger than the circle ones.

It is also important that you keep in mind the color of the blanket. The darker colors often look better in the pol but they are as effective when it comes to heating up the water. It is advisable to go with a blanket that is ultraviolet resistant as it will last longer.

The last thing that will be a determining factor in choosing the blanket is the cost. What will make a difference in the choice after putting in mind all these factors is the cost of the blanket. One should take the time to go through the options available to them, their pros and cons and the cost before making the choice. This way, one is sure that they will get the best options that will suit their needs.

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