A New Form of Patriotism

No matter the person that you voted for in the past election, or even the person that your relatives voted for in the past elections, we are still people of the same nation today and it will be the case tomorrow. We are all citizens of the same country. That statement has a meaning that is different from each and every person and each of us can call out nation home. We are all different in some ways while there are people that are so similar and love our nation together with its emblems such as the flags and anthems. It is important for people to be reunited under our flag that is common, sing the anthems, and still maintain to be the most and best country that is respected across the globe.

Taking a look around the globe, even in the nations that can do harm to our nation, there are people who want what we have as a nation. This is the situation because people sense our liberties and our freedoms. The people are envious of some of the things that we take for granted. Thus, people should not be willing to throw away what we have just because of political lines dividing our nation. What people need to do at the moment is to put their concentration on the new type of patriotism.
However, a person might be asking what the meaning of the new type of patriotism is. Perhaps it is a time that all the people of our nation that is great agree that they have to put their differences aside for the good of the nation. People need to forge to a view that is common of where the nation is heading. It is up to the citizens to work for a nation that all the people will feel proud of.

People need to ask themselves what their legacy will be. History has seen the people of our country as generous and kind. Propensity and strength are needed for people to be able to afford the luxury of generosity and kindness. For maintaining the propensity and strength, people will have to be united and maintain being one nation as it has always been. The backbone of the unification will not be on voting on the basis of politicians or political parties but the voting should be on the basis of patriotism.
The patriotism of our country has always been a thing that is strong. It has fortified us in most battles that are either spiritual or military. The founding fathers of the nation had the idea that patriotism will be beneficial to the country. It has always been an insult that is great for a person to question the patriotism of a person in public. People need to start looking deep inside themselves to raise a type that is new to the feeling of patriotism that all the citizens can feel like one. It should be a patriotism that the people will hold high and be proud of.

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